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What are the different types of online bdsm mistress contracts?

There are a few different types of online BDSM mistress contracts that you may encounter. The most common is probably the “implied contract.” This is when there is an understanding between the two parties that certain things will happen during their interactions, but nothing is actually written down. This can be helpful if both parties are relatively new to BDSM and are still exploring what they like and don’t like. It can also be good for established relationships where both parties trust each other and don’t feel the need for a more formal contract.

Another type of contract is the “explicit contract.” This is when the terms of the BDSM play are actually written out and both parties sign it. This can be helpful for making sure that both parties are on the same page about what will happen during the play. It can also help to prevent any misunderstandings later on. Some people even like to include a “safeword” in their explicit contracts, which is a word or phrase that either party can use to immediately stop the play if they are feeling uncomfortable.

Finally, there is the ” Scenes of a Lifetime contract.” This is a contract that is usually only used for very experienced BDSM players. It is basically a way to document an entire BDSM scene from start to finish, including all the details of what happened. This can be helpful for both parties to look back on and remember later. It can also be used as a way to identify any areas that need improvement or things that should be avoided in the future. Original source

What are the different strokes used by online bdsm mistress?

There are many different strokes that can be used by an online bdsm mistress. Some of the more popular strokes include flogging, spanking, caning, and whipping. Each stroke has its own unique sensation and can be used to create different levels of sensation for the submissive. The type of stroke used is often dependent on the preferences of the mistress and the submissive.

Flogging is a type of stroke that is often used to create a sensual or erotic sensation. The strokes are typically made with a light, flexible instrument, such as a riding crop or switch. Flogging can be used to warm up the submissive prior to other types of activity, or it can be the primary activity.

Spanking is another popular stroke used by online bdsm mistresses. This stroke is traditionally used to create a sensation of pain, but it can also be used to create a sensual or erotic sensation. Spanking can be done with the hand, a paddle, or a crop.

Caning is a type of stroke that is similar to flogging, but the strokes are made with a heavier, rigid instrument. Caning is often used to create a sensation of deep pressure or pain.

Whipping is a type of stroke that is typically used to create a sensation of intense pain. Whipping can be done with a variety of different instruments, including a whip, a cane, or a paddle.

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